• Hands-on-Management

    With long-term offshore experience, highly skilled employees and a strong personal commitment – it all comes together to one simple claim: We get it done.

About us


The mixture of team spirit and of professional, methodical, and application expertise defines our company!

Wind Multiplikator GmbH, based in Bremen, was founded at the end of 2014 by Michael Munder-Oschimek. Wind Multiplikator is a company active in the Offshore Wind Energy business that has specialised in project management and providing consultancy and engineering services. Since the middle of 2016 Wind Multiplikator has had a 100% subsidiary: Wind Multiplikator QHSE GmbH (based in Bremen). Wind Multiplikator QHSE attends to all quality issues and handles projects dealing with occupational, health, and environmental safety.

Our goal is to complete projects for our customers successfully within the defined time frame, the given budget and of agreed quality standards. 


Decisive for success is to be able to rely on one another within the team in any situation.

Our team consists of highly qualified experts – and brings along many years of experience in various offshore projects. Through targeted training we continuously ensure our standard. 

Michael Munder-Oschimek

Managing Director
General Management, Planning, QHSE

Nils-R. Vetter

Managing Director
General Management, Planning, Project Portfolio Management

Maik Arendt

Project Manager
Supply Chain Management, Retrofits, Base Harbour Management

Jan Dobberkau

Project Manager
Process Management, Interface Management, Technical Controlling

Robert Hafner

Site Management Lead
Site Management, Corrective Maintenance, Commissioning, Base Harbour Management

Andre Kalinowsky

Project Manager
Commissioning WTG / OSS, Corrective Maintenance, Scheduled Maintenance, Medium Voltage

Malte Mahnken

Project Manager
Process Management, Scheduled Maintenance, Quality Management, Interface Management

Philip Prigge

Project Manager
Process Management, Planning, Interface Management

Thomas Russy

Project Manager
Process Management, Planning, Commercial Management

Luis Vogeler

Project Manager
Construction, Scheduled Maintenance, Commissioning

Kristina Schon

Project- and schedule planning, Documentation

Stephan Ahlers

QHSE Manager
FaSi (Occupational Health and Safety Specialist), SiGeKo (Health and Safety Coordinator), Auditor

Lars Bollow

QHSE Manager
Quality Manager, EIP (Electrical Instructed Person) 

Michael Buß

QHSE Manager
Quality Management, FROSIO (Coating Inspector), Blade Inspection, FaSi (Occupational Health and Safety Specialist)

Steffen Vogt

Scheduled Maintenance , Rotorblade maintenance and repair

Henrik Hansen

Project Management, Business Development 


With our team we are the “minders” for an extensive portfolio. Our hands-on management stretches from the assumption of individual work packages or partial projects to complete management of a major project. Our work is always accompanied by detailed, transparent and especially significant documentation and specific reporting.

We thereby use proven and partially self-developed (project) management methods and templates. 

Management in General

  • General Management

    Keep an eye on the full picture – and simultaneously consider design and implement the many individual working steps together with the stakeholders.

    • Comprehensive planning, monitoring and implementation of large-scale projects
    • Multi project management
    • Project portfolio management
    • Interim management
    • Conceptual design of service strategies incl. logistics, material supply, etc.
    • Risk management
    • Support in contract design (EPC, TSA, SMA, ...)

    Together we consistently have the “golden rectangle” (quality, budget, time and customer satisfaction) in our sights – and act accordingly..

  • Process and Interface Management

    Well thought out processes and unambiguously described interfaces ensure an efficient and stable routine in the core organisation and within the project.

    • Efficient design and implementation of processes by means of a sensible subdivision of business processes into process groups and sub-processes
    • Customised staff training
    • Identification of existing stand-alone solutions
    • Centralisation of information pools so that redundant data maintenance can be dispensed of
    • Development of a common database with high reliability
    • Elaboration of existing interfaces, their optimisation, and the concluding proper documentation and clear communication

    Wind Multiplikator designs, trains, documents – and implements optimal processes and interfaces for your project!

  • Commercial Management

    Irrespective of the content of the project, a resilient number base in line with requirements is indispensable for effective and efficient control.

    In order to achieve completion of offshore projects “in time and budget”, meaningful and dependable evaluations based on the amalgamation of the inputs from all sub-projects, right down to daily reporting, must be available for project management before budget planning. These include:

    • Budget preparation on working hours, material, and requirement of external service providers
    • Rolling target/performance comparison
    • Periodical reporting on daily, weekly or monthly basis
    • Asset management
    • Interface between operational units and bookkeeping/controlling
    • Development and implementation of KPIs
    • Offer validation

    The tight interlinking of the operational units with bookkeeping and controlling is essential for efficient control and therefore for the “in time” and “in budget” goals being achieved. Wind Multiplikator creates the processes and tools required – and performs the project management.

  • Supply Chain Management

    Spontaneous trouble shooting, regular maintenance, or installations and retrofits have one thing in common: Spares, material and tools are required for implementation. These are ensured by Supply Chain Management.

    • Accompanying work packages from planning to actual implementation on construction field
    • Involved in procurement management
    • Coordination of information and material flow up to transfer to vessel units and final issue to the technicians for processing on the WT
    • Identify and exploit optimisation potentials by means of monitoring based on key figures, analyses, and regular lessons learned
    • Preparation of requirement specifications for tailored IT solutions

    High flexibility and intensive communication between mainland and construction field, as well as between several vessel units, are the key for smooth operation and to meet all challenges posed by work on large offshore wind parks.

  • Base Harbour Management

    The base harbour is the pivotal point during installation and during the entire service phase.

    • Point of contact and interface to customer, certifier, MWS, port authorities and suppliers
    • Coordination and monitoring of employed specialists and external companies on site
    • Responsible for repair and maintenance of components
    • Preparation of components for shipping and offshore installation
    • Coordination of remedial work, implementation of retrofits on site
    • Inspections and transfer of components to customers and third parties
    • Documentation in accordance with contracts
    • Implementation of ad-hoc lessons learned
    • Development of HSE-conform organization on site

    Coordinating all parties locally in the harbour so that the project is carried out successfully – we do this with “hands-on management“.

  • Site Management

    We multiply the performance of your offshore team on site!

    Organisation, coordination and a great deal of communication are at the forefront with management on site. Depending on the project, this may entail the following:

    • Planning of work on site as well as the organisation of procedures and processes
    • Scheduling of technician teams with regard to time, place, qualifications, etc.
    • Coordination of all units in the field, incl. vessel units and trades in order to guarantee perfect service
    • Interface between onshore and offshore (single point of contact)
    • Prioritisation of activities
    • Documentation and reporting of deployments
    • Consideration of the special circumstances of activities on the high seas and the strain on human and material involved

    The competence and experience on the high seas to make the right decisions at the decisive moment and to also communicate these comprehensibly is one of the strengths of Wind Multiplikator’s experts!


  • QHSE Management

    At the very top of the goal hierarchy it says to carry out the work without accidents and with high quality! This requires the corresponding QHSE culture!

    • Development and coordination of QHSE systems

    • Provision of safety officers

    • Basic support according to DGUV (German Social Accident Insurance) Provision 2

    • Ensuring QHSE compliance

    • Creation of QHSE-relevant concepts such as SchuSiKo (protection and safety concept), fire prevention documents, or process instructions in HSE

    • Identification of the hazards occurring and determination of measures (risk assessments)

    • Training and schooling employees

    • Hazardous substance management (evaluation of safety data sheets and development of operating instructions)

    • Pursuance of QHSE-relevant topics

    • Document management

    • Development of project-specific quality and testing plans

    • Process analysis and auditing accompanying the project

    • Evaluation of process deviations and support with corrective measures

    • Development of an integrated management system (IMS)Evaluation of process deviations and support with corrective measures

    Wind Multiplikator stands for the highest occupational safety standards and competence in the realm of occupational health and safety. The conservation of the environment and the striving for ever better quality are integral parts of our daily work.

  • QHSE Inspections

    The “life” of the QHSE culture is the foundation stone for your entrepreneurial success.

    • Provision of QHSE offshore representatives
    • QHSE inspections offshore
    • Qualified Q and HSE employees
    • Training and instruction offshore
    • Acceptance reports of large components with customer representatives, etc.
    • Inspection and Test Plan (ITP)
    • Rotor blade inspection
    • FROSIO

    The WM QHSE employees are versed in both areas: Quality AND HSE. You thus have one contact person for the implementation of your requirements.

  • Training

    Only a well-trained employee works according to your stipulations – and safely!

    • General training according to DGUV provision 1
    • Training sessions on the topic:
    • Electrically instructed person
    • Working in confined spaces
    • DGUV rule 112-198 – Usage of personal protection equipment against falls
    • DGUV rule 112-199 – Rescue from heights and depths with personal fall protection equipment
    • Attachment points for persons
    • Project instructions offshore
    • Close collaboration with training providers for offshore-relevant examinations and training courses

    WM QHSE analyses the specific training requirements – and attends to their realisation.


  • Electrical engineering

    Professional consulting, planning and implementation of technical and organisational solutions for wind turbines, substations and energy technology.

    • Definition of technical requirements for medium and high voltage components
    • Preparation of specifications and documentation of systems engineering
    • Formulation of maintenance handbooks and checklists
    • Technical clarification with manufacturers and suppliers
    • Technical support for project management of production and procurement
    • Planning of the inner park cabling and network topology
    • Maintenance of the entire high and medium voltage systems / technology in the wind park incl. substation
    • Troubleshooting
    • Acceptance and commissioning of system components
    • Grid connection of wind turbines
    • VEFK (responsible electrician)

    Wind Multiplikator Engineering stands for (system) technical solutions with focus on the entire system life cycle!

Construction and Commissioning

  • Construction

    In the construction phase we efficiently bring the complex subfields of planning an offshore wind park together.

    • Coordination of manufacturers of offshore wind turbines, suppliers, the maritime economy and authorities
    • Monitoring of the entire project; from tender presentation to handover of the final documentation
    • Project management of individual areas or of the entire offshore construction project
    • Support in the selection of suppliers and external service providers
    • Advice with the performance of feasibility studies
    • Advice and support with the processing of tenders / offer phase
    • Support with claim management
    • Early preparation of risk analyses
    • Complete documentation and reporting
    • Ensuring that all work is carried out within the framework of the project certification and certification by highly qualified and experienced third parties

    Wind Multiplikator organises the construction and already has the upcoming operating phase in its sights!

  • Commissioning

    Trouble-free organisation of commissioning; from the first electrification of the cables to the operational wind turbine.

    • Wind park-wide commissioning management
    • Medium and high voltage switching operations
    • Recording and preparation of switching instructions
    • Offshore substation, inner park cabling and WT
    • Development of risk analyses
    • Conceptual design of the suitable quality checkpoints
    • Definition of the commissioning requirements
    • Accompanying the IBN on site
    • Support for commissioning on site and preparation of required work instructions
    • Development of ad-hoc solutions

    Wind Multiplikator plans content and order for the commissioning, the appropriate offshore deployment and the necessary documentation.


  • Scheduled Maintenance

    Professionally prepared scheduled maintenance carried out by experts ensures a higher availability of the wind turbines – and thus for a higher yield of your wind park.

    As a rule, the inspection or exchange of transmission or hydraulic oils, filters, accumulators, carbon brushes and lightning protection modules are elements of scheduled maintenance work.

    These tasks are commonly accompanied by inspections for the verification of stability of the following components:

    • Foundation structure
    • Tower segments
    • Nacelle
    • Blades

    Optimally performed maintenance means:

    • Complete execution of the necessary maintenance tasks (checklists, protocols)
    • Keep deactivation time of the individual wind turbines as short as possible
    • Complete detailed documentation
    • Timely clarification of the scope of maintenance
    • Development and examination of the work instruction, risk assessments and checklists
    • Optimised scheduling (e.g. by parallelisation of work stages)
    • Optimised tool and material planning incl. spare parts management
    • Optimised deployment of teams and vessel capacities

    Wind Multiplikator’s appropriate project management ensures that your scheduled maintenance campaign is planned and carried out optimally.

  • Corrective Maintenance

    A malfunction is not predictable. Here it comes down to good preparation, experience and swift reactions.

    The corrective maintenance team’s aim is to achieve the highest possible availability of the wind park.

    • Determination of the necessary measures
    • Prioritising corrective maintenance work in the wind park
    • Optimisation or work instructions
    • Align vessel logistics with the varied situations in the wind park
    • Optimised material management for quick access and high availability of spare parts
    • Complete execution of all necessary trouble shooting and corrective maintenance tasks (checklists, protocols)
    • Development of 2nd level support engineering, individually tailored to turbine type and wind park
    • Compilation of an effective corrective maintenance team based on individual requirements of the WT technology
    • Definition of qualification requirements of the technicians

    The “hands-on mentality”, the employment of project management tools and the “24-7” attitude of the Wind Multiplikator experts for corrective maintenance ensure highest possible availability!

  • Retrofits

    In order to maximise the revenues and minimise the costs, the energy generation plants must continuously become more reliable and fundamentally “better”.

    • Development of retrofits
    • Development and performance of especially tailored retrofit analyses
    • Coordination of all processes and interfaces during a retrofit project
    • Ensuring an effective deployment of means and resources
    • The team connects HSE, logistics, Supply Chain, especially trained personnel and keeps close contact with the forces on site
    • Development of reporting

    By means of retrofit measures we assist in reducing the operating and maintenance costs of an offshore wind park!

Visit us in Bremen!

Wind Multiplikator GmbH

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Phone: +49 421 830 639 69 
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Wind Multiplikator GmbH
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Wind Multiplikator GmbH
Konsul-Smidt-Str. 76 
28217 Bremen
Phone: +49 421 830 639 69
Mail: info@remove-this.windmultiplikator.de 
Web: www.windmultiplikator.de

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